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Operation Shower- Baby Bistro!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

 I had the best time volunteering for Operation Shower on October 10th and 11th! Operation Shower, in case you've never heard of them, puts on these fabulous group baby showers for deployed military families. Our military families have sacrificed so much, the aim of Operation Shower is to give them some special baby items as a way to show our love and respect for them and of course, to say thank you!

  The theme this time was Baby Bistro- a totally whimsical take on a cafe that caters especially to babies! Day 1 was set up. The talented ladies who also volunteered their time and expertise rocked out the basic ballroom with bold black and white stripes and bright animal "waiters". The dessert table was positively jaw dropping- assembled by Marie from Sweets Indeed. When we left the ballroom that night it had been completely transformed!
Cake by Hey There Cupcake!

Croissant sugar cookies?! So cute!

Best looking chocolates ever.

  Day 2 was the actual shower and it was great. The other party planners were excited and the Moms were super nice. That was actually the best part! So all these Moms are there and they have NO idea what to expect. They are wowed by the decor, a lunch buffet from Whole Foods and full dessert table. :) And then the big show starts! Each mom gets a "shower in a box" which is this giant moving box filled with all kinds of baby stuff. Diaper bag, blankets, burp cloths on & on. Then we start giving bigger things away. They act like it's a raffle and pull a # out of a bowl but then they announce that everyone gets a carseat- not just the one mom!

  So every Mom got a shower in a box, a car seat, a crib (which comes in their choice of 6 colors!), a 100 dollar Babies R Us gift card, 2 packs of diapers, a newborn photography session and more. Literally they're crying and hugging each other. I felt like Oprah! LOL! It was truly an amazing 

  To learn more about Operation Shower (like how you can volunteer or donate!) visit their website.
XO Emily
Me with LeAnn Morrissey and Amy Belle Isle.

Me with Marie and Hope from Sweets Indeed.

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