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How To Make A Mini Top Hat!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

  It's so easy (and I'm beginning to believe slightly addictive) to make one of these mini top hats! They're so cute on little girls but honestly I think that they're just as adorable on big girls too. I made the ones shown above as prizes for the games we played at The Little Gentleman Baby Shower I hosted. The guests were so great, they immediately put they on and wore the hats for the rest of the party!

  Follow the simple steps below to have your own fabulous hat in no time!

  First you'll need to purchase a mini hat from a doll supply shop or craft store. See sources at the bottom of this post. They come a wide variety of sizes and colors so you can get ones to match your special occasion! (I can't wait to make a Fourth of July one!)

  Hot glue small alligator clips or a headband to your mini hat. If you are using alligator clips it's best to put a small piece of wax paper in between the teeth of the alligator clip to keep it from gluing shut.

You'll also need some ribbon to make a band for your hat and to add rosettes. If you need some simple rosette instructions see below. :)

  Last you'll need to raid your craft supply for embellishments. Old earrings, buttons, beads make great details and they'll make your hat shine!

  Enjoy darlings! Wear your hat with pride and if you make one PLEASE send me a picture!!
XO Emily

Here's A Few Types of Rosettes....

Crinkle- Fold wired edged ribbon back and forth, accordion style, then hot glue to a 2" circle of card stock. Finish off your rosette with a rhinestone button center or even a little knot of ribbon.

Ruffled- Cut a long length of wired edged ribbon. Pull the wire edge on ONE side of the ribbon out about half an inch and fold it down so it won't slip back through. Hold the straight end of the hooked side of the ribbon in one hand and push the other side of the ribbon up with your other hand. Now, working in a spiral, hot glue the ruffle to a 2 inch circle of card stock. (This is the type of rosette on Ella's Christmas hat.)

Rolled- Tie a knot in a strip of fabric or ribbon. Hot glue the knot to the center of a 2 inch circle of card stock. (If you want a bigger rosette, use a bigger circle of card stock.) Then twist your ribbon or fabric and glue it to the card stock every so often. You can even twist two colors of ribbon together to make a custom look! Photos of rolled


 Layer ribbons to make a band to go around your hat.
I call this shape a "leaf" putting two of the together makes a heart and gluing four together makes a four leaf clover like on the St. Patrick's Day hats I made.

Beginning of rolled rosette....
Working in a spiral to create a rosette.

Photo of Ella in Christmas hat by Julie Andress of Julie Andress Photography
Mini Top Hats- CR's Crafts

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