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Saturday, November 10, 2012

I'd like to say that when the wind changes and a chill is in the air I know it's fall… but really this is California and fall is the new summer! It's absolutely beautiful! To get my fall on I visit Lomabardi Ranch in Santa Clarita with my family. Lombardi Ranch has a spectacular pumpkin selection,  a farmer's market, daily live entertainment, a petting zoo and a scarecrow maze!

Each one is unique, I always get inspired to make one (or maybe a few!) I love how they're made of craft scraps, thrifted items and stuffing! Here's some inspiration for your next scarecrow….

XOXO Emily

Saturday, November 3, 2012

So here's a peek at a new party collection that will be in my shop soon!
Emmy's Events Design Studio

Custom made for my new little Godson Logan all in modern shades of gray! Perfect for a boy or a girl!
XO Emily

Saturday, October 27, 2012

 I had the best time volunteering for Operation Shower on October 10th and 11th! Operation Shower, in case you've never heard of them, puts on these fabulous group baby showers for deployed military families. Our military families have sacrificed so much, the aim of Operation Shower is to give them some special baby items as a way to show our love and respect for them and of course, to say thank you!

  The theme this time was Baby Bistro- a totally whimsical take on a cafe that caters especially to babies! Day 1 was set up. The talented ladies who also volunteered their time and expertise rocked out the basic ballroom with bold black and white stripes and bright animal "waiters". The dessert table was positively jaw dropping- assembled by Marie from Sweets Indeed. When we left the ballroom that night it had been completely transformed!
Cake by Hey There Cupcake!

Croissant sugar cookies?! So cute!

Best looking chocolates ever.

  Day 2 was the actual shower and it was great. The other party planners were excited and the Moms were super nice. That was actually the best part! So all these Moms are there and they have NO idea what to expect. They are wowed by the decor, a lunch buffet from Whole Foods and full dessert table. :) And then the big show starts! Each mom gets a "shower in a box" which is this giant moving box filled with all kinds of baby stuff. Diaper bag, blankets, burp cloths on & on. Then we start giving bigger things away. They act like it's a raffle and pull a # out of a bowl but then they announce that everyone gets a carseat- not just the one mom!

  So every Mom got a shower in a box, a car seat, a crib (which comes in their choice of 6 colors!), a 100 dollar Babies R Us gift card, 2 packs of diapers, a newborn photography session and more. Literally they're crying and hugging each other. I felt like Oprah! LOL! It was truly an amazing 

  To learn more about Operation Shower (like how you can volunteer or donate!) visit their website.
XO Emily
Me with LeAnn Morrissey and Amy Belle Isle.

Me with Marie and Hope from Sweets Indeed.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

  The Food Network (yes the really, real awesome Food Network!) just might need you!!

  They're looking for people who are hosting real events! If you have an upcoming event and you need a caterer they're interested in talking to you!

  Events anytime between November and February and in the New York tri-state area are eligible. And you have to pay for the caterer just as you would for any other event. The Food Network will provide you with some accomplished caterers to choose from and they promise to keep the drama in the kitchen! SO fret not, your event will be spectacular!

Check out the flyer below for more details....

Good Luck!
XO Emily

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I absolutely love the Milk and Cookies party theme and that's why I decided to give you this complete collection for FREE! It is great for a boy or a girl and can be stylishly executed on a budget! The modern white, aqua and chocolate colors used throughout the collection also works nicely if your child has a Cookie Monster crush! Just add in a few mylar balloons of the furry guy and presto! Instant character party with a cool trendy twist.

  Guests at your party can decorate plain cookies (I've been known to use store bought ones!) or bake old fashioned sugar cookies as a group. Not much of a baker? Consider a "cookie pot luck" and ask some of your close friends to bring a batch of their favorite cookies! Looking to posh it up? Buy speciality cookies with your child's name on them or indulge in some French macarons!  Of course you can always go to some your own childhood favorites... hello, Oreos.

  PS: This is a great party to celebrate the little things in life.... an A on the math test, the last day of school or even great way to get together with Grandma and Grandpa!

The Seven Piece Milk and Cookies Party Collection Is Absolutely Free
Just Click on Freebies and Download!

Enjoy your party and please send me pictures!
XO Emily

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I designed the Posh Ducky Baby Shower for a client who really wants to stand out! 

  The bright kiwi and black color pallette sets off the traditionally adorable ducky silhouette and works beautifully for a boy or a girl. Dark chocolate cupcakes were dressed up with gray pearl sprinkles and the ducky silhouette cookies glittered with lime sanding sugar giving the table a properly posh look. Even the marshmallows got dressed up in “black ties” for the occasion- grosgrain ribbon! 

  Decadent chocolate fudge squares dazzled guests with chartreuse piping and more pearl accents. Lime fruit tartlets were garnished with slices of kiwi stylishly tying them in with the invitation. My homemade cake pops shimmered and looked quite smart on black and white striped sticks. I added the tulle puff to the top to give them a bit of whimsy- it is a baby shower after all!

  Finally I used bunches of white tissue balls and a polka dot runner to give the table a soft playful touch. The results were sophisticated, playful and totally chic!

I am pleased to announce that this party was festered on the awesome party blog

  The complete printable party collection is now available in my shop!
Emmy's Events Design Studio!

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Printable Party Supplies- Emily Clinton, Emmy’s Events
Paper Straws & Tissue Poms- The TomKat Studio Shop
Cupcake Wrappers- The Cupcake Social

Monday, September 17, 2012

  So you've probably been hearing me talk about Operation Shower a lot lately.... and this is why! I am so excited to be working a baby shower for them next month at Camp Pendleton! I whipped up this flyer to help get the word out. I need to bring at least 20 packs of diapers to the shower with me! Hope it works!

If you'd like to learn more about Operation Shower visit their website!

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

   I designed the Neon and Neutral Elephant Shower to put a fun global chic twist on the traditional elephant baby shower! 

   The savannah inspired colors- poppy, citrus, tangerine, chocolate and buff used on the invitation and throughout the dessert table are perfect for a boy or a girl. I love the earthy texture of my toasted coconut marshmallows, they were bathed in dark chocolate and dressed up with coordinating satin ribbons. Slivered almonds embellished the fudge “Safari Sweets” and decadent dark chocolate cake (which flew seven flags for the celebration!). My easy to make “wild cookies” (peanut butter blossoms with a Hershey’s Hug!) looked elegant when displayed on a gorgeous vintage butterfly tray.

   My favorite element is the red-orange cake pops. They glittered like a Serengeti sunset and the wildflowers stems I added to the ends gave them a playful look! The shockingly pink and super sweet “Paradise Punch” was a much appreciated refreshment on a scorchingly hot day. The gauzy mosquito net made the perfect soft backdrop for the table, giving it a dreamlike quality- perfect for a baby shower! 

The printable complete collection is now available in my shop!

I am thrilled to announce that....this party was featured on Hostess With The Mostess!!!

Printables, Styling & Photography- Emily Clinton, Emmy’s Events
Wood Bowl and  Woven Baskets- Ten Thousand Villages
Red Pottery Bowls- Cat’s Paws Pottery
Paper Straws & Cupcake Liners- The Cupcake Social

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