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Happy Halloween & Free Printable Collection!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

      Things have been a little spooky around the Clinton house lately.... but only because I have been working on this Halloween themed dessert table! I am so excited to share this dessert table with you because I put it together to show off my FREE Halloween printable collection and a few tasty treats you might try out on your sweeties.
I wanted something big and eye-catching for the back of my table so I bought honeycomb tissue fans and decorated them with different jack o’lantern features that I cut from sparkly scrapbook paper. (I even tried to make one look like the jack o’lantern on my printable collection just to really tie it all together!) For the tablecloth I decided on a royal purple, to make the orange cookies and decor pop. And I used pieces of my cupcake stand to create different levels for my sweet treats to sit on. 
The desserts on my table are a mix of traditional fall favorites, simple twists on party table standards and a few that will definitely win you some complements from your guests! The “Poison Apples” are actually green apples covered with a sheet of caramel. (Yes, they sell it in sheets now!) I draped the caramel over the top of the apple to create the dripping effect. I made jumbo “Candy Corn Cupcakes” by dividing white cake batter in to two equal parts and then dying with food coloring. I layered the batter and then baked. When they were done I smeared them with vanilla frosting, added few candy corn and one of my Halloween toppers... and voila!  Delicious and adorable! 
The “Jack O’Lantern Cookies” were store bought but I dressed them up with wired ribbon bow ties and displayed them in orange glittered boxes. My “Pond Slime Punch” and “Mummy Marshmallows” were super easy to make and are definitely going to a hit at our Halloween party this year! The “Mummy Marshmallows” are actually two jumbo marshmallows stacked on a lollipop stick and wrapped with Fruit by the Foot. The eyes are Skittles that I stuck on with dots of red melted chocolate. Yum! Making “Mummy Marshmallows” would even be a fun party activity for older children.
Last (and my personal favorite) are my “Wicked Witch Wands”! I made these wickedly tasty wands with a mold I bought, some pretzel rods and colored chocolate. I have to confess that this was my first attempt at molding chocolate and they are a bit imperfect but I actually ended up liking the rough edges, it only added to their beautiful wickedness. I must warn you that these wands are most absolutely perfect in their balance of sweet and salty and you might even catch adults casting spells with them!
If you are having a Halloween party this year I hope you use make free printable collection which includes an invitation, party labels printed with the names of the treats I made, blank party labels (these are great for putting names on goodie bags or using as address labels!) and a sheet of cupcake toppers! Simply click on the link to my Scribd. account, download and print.
Enjoy! Emily

Pumpkin cuties!

Mummy Marshmallow!

Honeycomb Fans:
Witch Finger Mold: made by Wilton, purchased at Jo Ann’s Fabrics
Cupcake Stand:
Digital Scrapbook Paper- PrettifulDesigns
Spooky Sign & Orange Glittered Boxes: Target

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Dedra said...

Oh My Goodness! So Stinkin cute. I love it all! I can't wait till next year when I'm not 9 months pregnant so I can have a super fabulous Halloween Party too! I can't decide which is my favorite--the witch wands, the candy corn cupcakes or the mummy marshmallows. I guess I love them equally. Maybe I need to move next door to you so I can be invited to all your parties! :)

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